DriftCurrent watersports and photography 

VIDEO and PHOTO service above and below the surface.


DriftCurrent watersports and photography is a project founded by Eleonora Fusato and Esther White.

Eleonora, from Italy, is a marine biologist. Esther, from Spain, has a degree in Fine arts with a máster in graphic desing & fashion communication.

Both of them were formed as a scuba instructors years ago, getting experience working in differents places around the world.

Their passion for photography and the marine life was the foundation of DriftCurrent. 

They are based in Playa del Carmen, in the beautiful Riviera Maya, México, the perfect place where you can practise watersports like scubadiving, snorkeling and kitesurfing. Discovering the cenotes is a must! The underwater rivers and caves into the Mayan jungle have a lot of to offer you! Swim, dive or be a model for one day taking home professional photos in this caribbean paradise!


Underwater photos can be a strong communication method to promote conservation and the respect for the ocean.

And here is when Breath for the Ocean started. Breath for the Ocean is a program to raise public awareness about

marine conservation, collecting donations through activities and photography.

Their passion for design led them to create their own clothing and merchandising brand: "Driftcurrent Clothing" which part of the benefits are donated too.

DriftCurrent collaborates with different environmental associations, like Cozumel Coral Restoration and Sea Sheperd.



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Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, Mexico



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