How to Make Your Photos More Colorful

Actualizado: oct 18

Light! Flash lights, video lights, all is about recreating the light that we are loosing underwater

Water absorbs light very quickly due to the fact that water is exponentially denser than air – approximately 800 times denser to be fairly precise. Not only does this result in dull, monotone colors, but it also decreases contrast and image sharpness.”

You will see by yourself : add some light to your underwater photo shoothings and you will see the difference! Sharp images, easy focus, great colours.

Which light should I use?

It depends what are you looking for.

You can find so many options on the market, different quality and prices.

Just one question you have to ask yourself: photos or videos?

You can find cheap lights, as continuous LED lighting, that you can use for videos.

You can use video lights for photos too, but you will have less quality results.

Strobes have an important advantage: the short flash duration freezes motion, easy focus, sharp images.

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