Why do we love sharks? Or are we scared?

Bull sharks are known to be considered to be among the most dangerous sharks in the world. What leads us to stay underwater with them, to approach and seek contact, to study and photograph them?

Maybe it's the feeling of adrenaline, or the desire to discover the aknown of the oceans, or the curiosity of being next to a big predator or just admiration for years of adaptation and evolution.

underwater photographers with sharks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
bullsharks diving and photography

Shark photography is one of our favourite ocean activities.

We have the possibility to go so close to these incredible creatures!

Bullsharks are coming to the costs of Playa del Carmen every year between November and February.

Different diving centers organize shark dives where you can observe and dive with these animals.

We, as underwater photographers, collaborate with different centers and dive with many people every year. We do it because we love sharks! The beauty of these creatures is speachless, their gentle movements, their perfect swim. And we can say this, a shark picture is a shark pictures! Everyone wants one.

We love to see people smiling after a shark dive, their eyes shining and their happiness. And we feel the same, day after day, we always come back to the surface with a big smile.

We hope they share their experience and the photos we take, to improve some awareness about sharks.

We don't want to start a debate about shark feeding dives, some agree some don't...we just think a shark is worth more alive than it is dead. We believe each diver that gets the chance to see a shark in the eyes in the wild will be one more person on our plant petitioning to save sharks.

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