Swim with Whale sharks & dive with Bull sharks in the Riviera Maya, México.

Learn about them with our marine biologist!

Professional underwater photography and video service.

November to February

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) arrive close to our coast lines in winter, when they are pregnant. These animals can live in fresh water and they give birth in the rivers, where the little sharks can live protected between the mangroves.

Sharks are still fished here in Mexico, but since the Shark Feeding activity started, and people prefer to work with sharks instead of killing them, the catch are less. The feeding activity is very debated, and it's important that is done properly.

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 June to September

Whale sharks  (Rhincodon typus) or the gentle giant,  are the biggest fish on our planet. They are filter-feeders and they arrive to our waters in summer, when the concentration of plankton is higher.


Snorkeling with whale sharks is incredible, but this activity has been very popular in the last years and hundreds of boats take turists to swim with these beauties every day.  We have to follow a few rules to respect them.

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